Sean Norris

  “look for a flower” is an audiovisual piece focused on the concept of data feedback.  Using the visual programming language Processing, I wrote a program that creates generative 3D flowers.  Included in the generation process is a function I called “mutate,” which causes the flower to slowly change colour and shape.  This mutation is triggered and accelerated by an audio input.  While mutating, the flower continuously outputs the six 8-bit RGB colour values that it uses to create the two hues in its petals via OSC.

In the audio programming language ChucK, I wrote a synthesiser with six voices.  The pitches for these voices were selected by reading the OSC colour data from Processing, and mapping them from their starting scale of 0-255 to a scale of 0-19.  Pitches were then selected from a four-octave pentatonic scale.  With this system in place, the voices in the synthesiser mutate in parallel with the flower.  They exist simultaneously as catalysts and as generative results of each other.