Sean Norris
In the spring of 2021, I led a series of online workshops with some of my fellow students at the Guildhall School of Music and Drama. The culmination was "FICTIVE MUSIC//REALITY REGRET", a virtual gallery exhibition and online residency by students of the Electronic and Produced Music department at the Guildhall School of Music and Drama with IKLECTIK ArtLab. The residency took place over the course of several remote workshops focused on the themes of world building, unreality, and escapism, especially as discussed in Nick Scavo’s essay “Against Worldbuilding” and Wallace Stevens’ poem “To The One Of Fictive Music,” but also spent time on discussions of modern magical thinking, the CIA’s insidious appreciation of jazz, and how artists can critically engage with post-modern systems of power. The gallery exhibition collected some of the refined output from these workshops and presented them as a simulation of space exploration, wherein audience members were invited to spend time in the orbit of various planets in a system of “built worlds."

I prompted each student to create a multi-channel sound piece with an accompanying visual component.  I then took these visual components and used them as texutres for a set of 3D spheres arranged in a sort of solar system of planets.  Each “planet” was orbited by a set of speaker satelites, each of which played back a single channel of the multi-channel sound pieces.  Visitors of the gallery could pilot a first-person camera around the solar system and visit each planet, at which they would hear the various channels of the sound piece fly around them in 3D space.  The visuals for the gallery were generated with p5.js, and the sound system was managed with Tone.js.  I modeled the speaker satellites in SketchUp. 

I also created a piece for the exhibit titled “MUSKBALL vs. BEZOSPHERE,” a dick-measuring contest between an Elon Musk-ball and a Jeff Bezo-sphere :) .